A. Yes. As a landlord it's your legal obligation to maintain all of the gas appliances that come with the building, every 12 months as a minimum.
A. By the size of your gas meter, the size of your gas pipe, or the input of your gas appliance. If in doubt, you are more than welcome to take a picture of any of the above & email it to us for advise.
A. Even if the gas appliance is only used in the winter months, it's always best practice to have them serviced before they are due to be used. In our experience 75% of breakdowns happen within the first few weeks of winter. With routine maintenance these issues can be avoided.
A. The simple answer is maintenance. While it’s a cost to maintain your gas appliances, it’s often much cheaper than costly breakdowns & business downtime.
A. There are many ways this can be achieved. Regular maintenance, a clean heating system, lowering the flow temperature, using smart controls & updating an old gas appliance can all help lower your gas bills. While you may have an additional cost layout at first, the measures above will normally start to pay for themselves from year 2.
A. It’s not always about the price of each quote. It’s just as important to feel comfortable & have confidence in the engineer/ company. Ask questions like:
  • Are they local to you?
  • Can they offer ongoing support?
  • Are they willing to spend a bit of time explaining everything to you?
  • How can they accommodate your/ business needs?
  • Is the product they are installing reputable?
A. As we use a number of suppliers, we can search high & low for the parts needed to get your business back up & running as quickly as possible.
A. Yes, we work with many local commercial/ industrial companies that are running very long hours. By working together, we can find a suitable time/ date to minimise downtime to your business.
A. Yes, due to the fantastic design & build of most modern gas appliances, we are seeing a larger number of domestic appliances within a commercial/ industrial setting. These appliances still need regular maintenance along with the complete system, to keep it working efficiently.